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    May 14, 2013
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$0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. we have the videos you have been looking for "right this minute." >> 3-2-1 dropping. >> a snowmobile rider psychs up before plunging -- >> after on 800 foot cliff. >> see the ultimate tribute to a lost friend. >> it is one of the craziest videos ever of a bird catch. >> one hand reach, grabs the bird. >> meet the guy that happened to be out there with his nfl quarterback friend. >> the san francisco has offered me a contract as a wide
receiver. >> a small norway town turns into italy over night. >> everybody probably knew the secret. >> everybody but the bride to be, the elaborate proposal with a big pay off. and talk about talent as hot girls decide to wash cars with no hands. >> why? why? >> who cares really? >> extreme sports dude eric roaner is abouto launch hisle 8 cliff. this is from network a. this isn't just one crazy stunt. it is to pay tribute to his friend shane. >> he revolutionized skiing, b.a.s.e. jumping and changed lives of everyone he came in contact with. >> unite know his story. he was a pro skier and died in 2009 during a b.a.s.e. jumping accident. shane gave eric this snowmobile
and he was a mentor to eric. >> it is time to get a new one but i can't get rid of one. i can't sell it. i figure the next thing to do is set it off a big cliff. >> he meets up with his buddy that's a former pro snowboarder and they take a helicopter up to this super high peak with the snoebl and i thought it was an awesome tribute. he has ashes. >> my buddy shane here. >> sprinkles the ashes on the snow mobile, the cliff, and the moment of truth. here it is. >> 3-2-1. dropping. >> he rode the snowmobile off the cliff. he almost back flipped going down and in the air and
incredible stunt. >> perfect tribute. what better way than to give it a grand exit. >> he also points out we didn't leave it down there. we did clean up after ourselves. an awesome tribute. smoke and flames erupting from a 2.5 story duplex in easton, pennsylvania. right away you see a fire fighter on the roof with a chain saw and just below him fire licking at his heels as the saw cuts into the roof. he does manage to open up a vent hole in the roof but the fire comes through the roof quite heavily as he probably expected and then the fire itself starts to get out of hand. he manages to get the hole open and realizes maybe it is time to back down a little bit. let me get down. he starts to work his way down the roof. you see the fire below and bo
him start to burchl through the roof and you have to figure it is making that weaker as well and hotter. at one point he tries to recover the ladder from the top and losing his footing a little bit as he misses a runnig on the ladder and falls. thankfully he doesn't fall far. he falls to another sharp roof below him. you see fire fighters inside working inside this large structure fire. a minute later you hear the horn blast from the fire trucks saying get out in case any of the fire fighters inside the home didn't hear the radio call. reports say a fire fighters weren't able to get a good handle on the fire because of a loss of water pressure and some dead fire hydrants in the area. it was tough and store owner and thankfully this fire fighter got
out of it >> sometimes you're just glad a video camera is rolling because you never would believe this happened if it weren't caught on video. >> what? >> whoa. >> no way. >> you're looking at pastor mark carter from unfilm community is erchl and on a quail hunting fit and one hand reach, grabs the birds, catches the bird. >> all of that expensive hunting gear, all you need is a big old man hand. >> the bird came rate to him and to make it more remarkable he was hunting with his buddy from the 49ers. can you imagine catching a ball like that? tell us more and a little more about the video we have had
"right this minute." welcome to the show, sticky fingers. >> thanks for having me. >> how did you do that? do you do this afternoon? >> i want to let you know san francisco offered me a contract wide receiver. cole and i are friends and went to my church and we wrote a box together and we were out shooting the video cake aluminum portion. we were walking back to the truck and i guy you hear starts yelling coming at you and i stuck my handout and ht luckiest moment of apply entire life >> you're a pastor. did jesus ever did do this or are you a super hero. >> i like to say divine intervention, but i would like to say it was a lucky moment of my life. >> did the bird, he come home for dinner? >> we let the bird go and he was fine and he ran off. >> lucky day for you and the bird. i like that. did it hurt your hand? it all happened so perfectly
>> in the split second i put my hand up one of the first thing went through my mind is this is going to hurt but it was soft and didn't hurt at all. >> tell us more about the book. >> it is about how to be a good man and good father in the midst of success and failure. you can pretty much get it anywhere. this video is house chaos because there are three kinds of animals having all finds of fun. we have a greyhound, a sheep and a cat and another greyhound involved. the white one is frisky and cantaloupe on the couch and there is the lamb that is 13 days old climbing on everything. i think it thinks it is a dog. the cat is pancake. i love his subterfuge under the wrapping paper here. >> to me pancake is ruling the roost.
seems rekethef group is afraid. >> some of the animals may seem familiar because they have been on the show before because of their antics. >> hey, cantaloupe. cantaloupe. >> i am quite impressed at the level of playfulness between the dog and the sheep, not scared, neither huff them seems to know what they are actlly. think they think they're the same t i believe they haven't been taught not to like each other. a lesson in tolerance. >> this is a serious lesson. >> a reality show in the making. >> it should be a reality show. police trying to keep the peace get too close to one woman. >> in doing so they nudge her just enough. >> see what sent protesters over
the edge. these dudes bust out fire extinguishers to make their long boards really move. >> don't lie. this looks like a
two very scary videos to show you. the first one is in south korea. a group of people are protesting. they don't agree with the building of a naval base in their community. a group of protesters is having words with police officers there. look at this woman here. she is covered up. we really can't see her face. she is straddling the rail while everyone else is sort of minding their own business and talking. these police officers go to take this man that was sitting on the rail right behind her and in doing so they nudge her just
enou enough. she ended up falling about 20 feet. you do see people rush down to help her. >> was she hurt? >> she was taken to the hospital with abdominal injuries. >> you can tell it wasn't on purpose. it was an accident, but still that's quite a fall. >> this video was recorded right outside of a bar in philadelphia. that man has just left the bar. notice the two people walking up behind him. as soon as they walk over they pull out handguns and immediately start shooting at that guy from very close range. fortunately he was able to use this to take cover but they did end up striking him and someone else. fortunate none of those injuries were life threatens. police are looking for these two men and in the other shot you can see the guy clearly put the handgun at the man now on the ground >> definitelyno you could
tell much. it wasn't some strange accident. looked like they were going after him. why wait for an emergency to use a fire extinguisher when the guys at coastal surf board are using them like jet packs to proceed pole the long boards through the parking lot and don't lie, this looks like fun. >> i would totally do that. you're on. you're secure. you just need launch. >> i am impressed how much thrust they get from the extinguishers. >> wherever they got them from, i hope they put an kra one back in case of an emergency. this one guy not only using it to go forward, he even uses it to stop. he turns the canister around and points it right. >> that's a good idea, too. great. if you do this all day and
they're going through clouds of fire extinguisher inards, that's bad for your lungs. >> stop sucking the fun out of this. no hands car wash. >> that pretty much sums it up, with ae're about to watch. hot girl, no hands, car wash. roll it. in case you were unable to figure out what we're going to see in this video, the number of hot girls doing a car wash with no hands. >> which means they're using their boobs and booties. >> not just those elements, these lovely ladies using all parts of their bodies to be with a this car.
probably a poor cash job but who cares really? >> what's the twerking cleaning exactly. >> there is a lot of degree, dust, grime on a vehicle and you have to useny way yocan to clean the vehicle. >> why? >> they're doing it to make a clean car. when you do a slit on a roof of a vehicle you are cleaning the entire surface of the vehicle in one splitting motion. if you would like to learn how to wash a vehicle without your hands head to "right this minute" and click on best of rtm or watch it on the mobile app. the new roommate no one likes. >> i love they're all hiding outside the door. >> i would have been a little nervous about posting this video online. >> next "right this minute." still to come, a wanted fugitive gets busted. >> while he was sunbathing in
his suxry villa. >> see what else they found during the surprise attack. >> not much you can hide in your trunk. >> little ducklings make a daring jump to get back to mom. >> it just took one to you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. and every week. ah! woof! some things will. one of britain's most wanted was caught while he was sun bathing at his luxury villa. andrew moran was put on the most
wanted list in 2011. back in 2005 he was part of the armed robbery of a royal mail van where $38,000 and change was stolen. british police along with their spanish friends went and captured this guy. you can see him running away as the police come to get him. they say they found two guns hidden in the garden and aete h. there he is being taken into custody. >> not much you can height in your trunk, you know? >> no. >> not like weapons or anything. good time to nab him. >> they were ninja style. >> they had to. while he was on trial for the armed robbery he escaped by assaulting a security after while taking him back to the jail. he was convicted while he was on the road. >> this video is horrible why
you are a fugitive on the run. at any moment they come and yank you back to jail. kitty takes on the dogs. >> about that time to pay tribute to romance with proposal videos. this first one, you don't think it is a proposal video. you have a woman zipping in on a zip line and lands on the platform and her fiance to be is down on bended knee and still in his helmet. she is so emotional she can't figure out what to do. she is on a high from the zip line and tied, too. >> can't run away. >> she says yes. people around tall applaud. a good day at the park. >> she fell in love. >> another proposal video we'll
head to a small island off the coast of norway, that in fact only has 110 citizens. a fellow named daniel decided he was ready to propose to his love and he thought nothing is morrow man particular than italy. instead of going to italy he brought italy to norway and with the help of the people in the community he built a little bit of italy on the island and as his love was arriving by boat a path up to this italian wonderland and the entire community is involved. watch. he has an i tall yab singer and the rest of them come in and start singing this love song. then with tears in her eyes she sees her daniel come walking up. >> yeah.
>> i give him credit. it had to be hard to hide this on such a tiny island i like this one. >> sky diving high above beautiful scenery with one goal. >> they're sky diving into that hole. >> a tricky landing here. >> see if th [ birds chirping ]
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
sometimes life gives you a flooded river. some guys turn it into fun. this is in grand rapids, michigan, and the river has flooded to pretty high. they decide to take out the jet ski. >> as they progress through grand rapids, michigan, you notice they're jet ski a long side traffic and blowing past stop signs and jet skiing past playground equipment, through a soccer goal. >> you can see how high the water levels are when they try to go under a bridge that leaves them very little space between the water and the bridge itself. they make it successfully. >> the only thing scary, you don't know what's in the water. >> at one point you do see them go over what looks like a railing or equipment. they wipe out. this happened on april 21st. the video is trending and i am sure you can see why. we're headed into summer and people are looking for jet ski videos. even when they're in trouble
ducklings and theirve cute. a mama and her four ducklings, a little scared because six of them are in that storm drain. fortunately there are good samaritans using a net to pull the little ducklings out. >> like a net from a switching pool. perfect. >> mom had already started walking away. as soon as she heard the others they came back. >> we know about dead beat duck moms. glass she is not one. >> she doesn't know whether they are all there and according to the poster they did get them all. notice her ducklings are stuck on this ledge and she is waiting. >> one is figuring it out. >> it seems like they figured it out. instead of going around they go around to the top of the ledge. >> that's not what you want to do. what's really funny is people start gathering to watch and try to tell the ducks, come on, they don't listen. >> i love they all follow each
other. >> running. >> and all it took was one to take theirst initial fall and the others are following. >> it is so cute. they fall down and hit their little bottom so hard and shake it off. maybe they were show ducks trying to get a crowd and hoping to get cash. >> duck vaudeville. >> sky went sky diving with ginger from arizona and her husband and they have go pro cameras galore to catch their adventure jumping into the blue hole. that's all water. that brown part you see there, that's not land. that's coral that's about 30 feet under the water. they are sky diving into that ho hole. >> a tricky landing here. you have to really have precision as you are going down. it is not a giant area.
>> they started at 13,500 feet and you can see they get closer and closer and they do note there was no land to land on for 60 miles around. you really have to be precise, steven, and catch the boat network waiting for you. >> whoa. >> right there at the boat. >> right near the boat. that was slade. sky is the last one in the water. here they comes. >> perfect. >> sky has been sigh diving for 21 years but she said when she jumped into agiant blue holy she said it was the best experience of her life. that's our show. we'll se Ñáçwçñ
hi, everybody. i am beth troutman. if you're looking for great videos, you have come to the right place "right this minute." soccer fans in paris ryan and luke store. >> watch what happens. >> when the ones think they're getting away with it don't. a russian driver does the old tilt awheel. hee the face-to-face with another angry driver. a fourth grader makes a preliminary about school lunch saying -- >> what is on the menu online is not what